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Editorial - Siobhan Harvey


Tania Brady 2 poems
Alexandra Fraser 2 poems
Kapka Kassabova You cry for them every thirty years
Kerry Popplewell 3 poems
Alison Wong 3 poems
Helen Rickerby 2 poems
Owen Bullock 2 poems
Andy Armitage 3 poems
William Park 2 poems
Sue Reidy 2 poems
Stu Bagby 3 poems
Jan Kemp 2 poems
Jan Hutchison 3 poems
Harry Ricketts 2 poems
Jill Chan 3 poems
James Norcliffe 3 poems
Norman Jope 3 poems
Alistair Paterson From Africa,// Kabbo, Mantis & the Porcupine's Daughter
Richard Reeve 3 poems
Jessica Le Bas 2 poems
Michael Lee Johnson 2 poems
Sue Fitchett Luna Rosa
Riemke Ensing 3 poems
Iain Britton 2 poems
Sarah Jane Barnett Grandmother
Kirsten Warner Homing Pigeon
Chris Parsons 3 poems
Iain Sharp 3 poems
Stephanie Ioka 3 poems
Art Nahill 2 poems
Robert James Berry 3 poems
Bernard Gadd 3 poems
Jack Ross 3 poems
Raewyn Alexander 2 poems
Anna Rugis 2 poems


Mark Stephenson Take That Ride
John Summers The Shoe
Siobhan Spiro Closing Time
Timothy Kerr Je ne suis pas un tourist
Alex Gandar Trisomy 21
Jane Seaford Escaping the Warm Blooded
Jennifer Compton The Church on the Corner of Our Road
Craig Cliff Christo Redentor
Sehar Moughal Journey to the end


Peter Schwartz Four images

Contributor notes